Rob is natural therapist who works on both technical ability and intuition the treatments of acupuncture combined with easy methods to breathe and meditate were incredibly effective for me never felt so clear and focused

Ron Bradley

Have had frozen shoulder for many months thought I would try acupuncture

after just three treatments its completely gone Rob was professional and gave me some advice relating to movement .

Helen Gregory.

I had chronic Asthma for years following Robert programme that included Buteyko methods I no longer use the inhaler and feel a new lease of life

Professor Hefin Rowlands

The service was professional and the sports massage massage was very good to

Ian James.

What our customers are saying

The Hypnotherapy session with NLP has been life changing I sleep better and have a major reduction in anxiety levels

I also have tools that I use as Robert gives a methods to practice and take with you .

Kevin Dillon

What our customers are saying

I have tried everything patches reading books. Thought I would try Hypnotherapy and so far so good don't have any interest in tobacco and wonder why I ever did. Robert was understanding and comfortable to work with.

Susan Rowlands.

What our customers are saying

The Sportsmassage and Deep tissue was the best I have had The additional combination of stretching and breathing left me rejuvenated and ready to train the next day.

Phillipa Wagstaff.

I bought a Groupon offer for a massage and upgraded to include acupuncture on the day. It was absolutely amazing! Rob was very knowledgable and made me feel very comfortable. The massage was to die for! I can not recommend this and will definitely be back. Thank you!

Elisabeth Hall

What our customers are saying

Bought this as a gift of groupon for myself 😁 I Had 30 mins massage and 30 mins acupuncture cam out so relaxed I booked again x rob is really good and put me at ease as I Was alittle nervous about the acupuncture year in all honesty I couldn Do not feel them.

money and the benefits are great

Paula Jones

What our customers are saying

I have been asthmatic since birth and have recently been diagnosed with COPD. I had hoped for some improvement after one session I was breathing easier with no wheeze. Rob uses both acupuncture and Buteyko breathing techniques. I am practicing the breathing exercises and improving my ability to improve my breathing. I have not needed to use my reliever since I started. Rob is the consumer and I would recommend any asthma to give this a go.

Jan Mayer

What our customers are saying

Had severe nerve bread could hardly walk, 4 sessions with Rob Acupuncture and massage made me feel 20 years younger, bread has gone, very friendly, would recommend 100% !!!

Good advice on Stretching excercises to keep back in good health.

Swift Builders

What our customers are saying

I had three sessions until now to treat my migraine headaches and cluster headaches as well. I feel much better than before with the techniques and the acupuncture it self. I am a medical doctor I did not believe that much in it but when I saw it, I changed my mind about the alternative medicine. Thanks Mr Geddes

Rema Elkalbash